Cornwall: Garden Moments

A few of the photos I snapped recently in my own garden and in a few nearby National Trust gardens – I’m lucky to live in such a beautiful part of the world (Cornwall is incredibly green. And wet.) My husband and I try and get out whenever we can, although more often than not we end up sighing over the state of our own garden (it’s a work in progress).

The bubbly-water-netting shot caught my eye because of the layering of shapes. The photo makes me think of space (as in outer-space), maybe because the bubbles look like astronaut headgear or like orbiting planets.

I’m as drawn to spiky stems as I am to delicate blossom and I love the way the sunlight makes the thorns glow blood red in the rose shot.

The rainy day photo is another example of how much I love water – I love the contrast between the sharp lines drawn by the rain drops and the softer smudges of mud. I also like the way the image is almost monochromatic.


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