Wai-Yuk’s Filled Bread

Since food is one of my great loves in life I thought I would give you another recipe. This way of making filled bread is not exactly original but it is one I have developed over time and is always enthusiastically received!

Filled bread - Ready to eat - Delicious!

Filled bread – Ready to eat – Delicious!

Dough Ingredients:

450gms bread flour
50gms wheatgerm or oatmeal
5ml (1 tsp) yeast
0.5 tsp salt
30ml (1 tbsp) oil
320ml lukewarm water (may need slight adjustment depending on flour)

Preparing the dough:

1) Mix dry ingredients.
2) Make hole in centre, add oil and water then mix.
3) Transfer to flour-dusted worktop and knead dough for 5-10 minutes until soft and silky (Note: If dough is sticky this means too much water).
4) If dough is hard and dry add water by wetting palms during kneading.
5) Seal dough inside a large polythene bag.
6) Leave until it has doubled in size (approx. 2hrs at room temperature).

The first kneading of the dough

The first kneading of the dough


Option 1: Cheese ‘n Bacon
2 sliced medium onions plus 2 crushed garlic cloves (fried until golden)
100gms grated cheese
Bacon pieces (fried)

Option 2: Chorizo with Mushrooms
Onions fried as above
Cheese as above
Chorizo or other spiced sausage
Button mushrooms
Crushed garlic

Slice and fry chorizo to get rid of excess fat. Add sliced button mushrooms and garlic plus a little tomato ketchup and herbs and cook on gentle heat for 5 minutes or until mushrooms are soft

Option 3
Any other fillings you can think of!

Some suitable fillings - cheese, onions and salami

Some suitable fillings – cheese, onions and salami

Adding the Filling:

1) Knead the dough for 2 minutes
2) Divide into 10 equal pieces (this makes 5 filled breads).
3) Roll out pairs of dough balls into long ovals of equal size (You can scatter some sesame seeds on the worktop before rolling for a tasty outer crunch).
4) Place fillings on one piece keeping them at least 1.5mm from the edges.
e.g.  Sprinkle a layer of cheese, then a layer of onion and some bacon followed by another layer of cheese.
5) Brush edges with water then stretch the second oval of dough over the top so that the two halves match up. Press the edges firmly together then turn over the edges slightly to ensure a good seal.
6) Brush both sides with a very little oil.
7) Heat a frying pan with a lid to a medium heat.
8) Fry both sides for 5 minutes or until golden, keeping a lid on the pan.

Enjoy! (They are best warm from the pan but will keep a few days in the fridge and can be reheated in a microwave).


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