Crafts of India – Fabric Dyeing

The village of Bagru, outside Jaipur in Rajasthan has long been associated with fine craft textiles. Here we saw fabrics being dyed and printed using traditional eco-friendly hand methods. The dyes used are taken from natural vegetable sources, such as indigo for blue, pomegranate rind mixed with indigo for green, madder root for red and turmeric for yellow. Alum is used as a mordant (the chemical used to fix the colours).

Below are a few photos of the dyeing process.

Vat full of indigo dye.

Vat containing turmeric.

Dyeing with indigo – the colour is intense!

The dyed fabric is rinsed after fixing.


5 thoughts on “Crafts of India – Fabric Dyeing

  1. I have seen how the leather is dyed in Morocco – it was a beautiful yet smelly process to observe. I like your blog – so interesting and gets so many things covered!

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