On the Silk Road: Gobi (Part Three)

The embroidered picture “Gobi” was directly inspired by the amazing photographs my husband took of the Gobi desert, whilst flying from Beijing to Urumqi, in far western China. The harsh deserts of north-western China and Mongolia breed a tough and independent people, which China has always sought to dominate (although at times over the millenia, the boot has occasionally been on the other foot.)

People often ask me about the meanings behind my work, but I’m inclined to believe that the meanings and feelings that a viewer draws from a work should be down to them, thus the form hovering over the desert could have any number of interpretations. Having said that, for me the form perhaps echoes the power of the Chinese Imperial dragon that has always loomed over this region.

I’ve again included a few pics of the making of the piece, enjoy!

If you missed parts one and two, you can find them here:
On the Silk Road (Part One)
On the Silk Road (Part Two): Shadow of the Great Wall




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