Oxford Botanic Gardens (and a thank you!)

Hi everyone! I’m really excited and privileged that my Cornish Mornings post has been “Freshly Pressed” and I want to say a big hello and welcome to all the new visitors who’ve found their way here.
Also, a big thank you to everyone for all the lovely comments you’ve been leaving!

For tonight, here are a few photographs of the weird and wonderful sights currently to be seen at the Oxford Botanic Gardens, the oldest botanic gardens in Britain.
Founded in 1621, the gardens are a fantastic source of inspiration for would-be gardeners, and a source of thorough relaxation.


7 thoughts on “Oxford Botanic Gardens (and a thank you!)

  1. Hip hip, hooray! Congratulations on being Freshly Pressed – so excited for you . It’s great that your beautiful pics will be seen by even more people, you must be over the moon! Love your work W-YK! 🙂

    • Hi, thanks for your support. In answer to your question, I get my inspiration from all over the place but this is a complicated subject. I have therefore decided to answer you fully in a future blog on this topic. So watch this space!

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