Blogger Awards

Hi everyone! Sorry I’ve been rather slow to respond to the whole series of blogger nominations I’ve received over the last few weeks – thank you so much for all your support!

Because I’ve built up quite a backlog, I’m going to respond to everyone in one post rather than follow individual sets of rules. Thank you very much to everyone for following and commenting on my blog!

Here are the lovely people who nominated me – check out their blogs, comment and follow:

Home and the Range: ‘Beautiful Blogger Award’
Ephemeral Gecko: ‘Liebster Blog Award’
Green in the Middle: ‘One Lovely Blog Award’
Bottleneck Consensus: ‘Versatile Blogger Award’
Milkshakes In Spring:  ‘Very Inspiring Blogger Award’ & ‘Lovely Blogger Award’
getLoWorld: ‘Very Inspiring Blogger’
Miramiandmog: ‘Lovely Blogger Award’
Genie Speaks: ‘One Lovely Blog Award’
Tangerine Key: ‘Versatile Blog Award’

Here’s a list of some of the wonderful blogs that have caught my eye and that I highly recommend:

Le Zoe Musings
Ephemeral Gecko
Rantings of an Amateur Chef
EK Photography and Art
The World Is My Cuttlefish
Maggie’s One Butt Kitchen
Sadie & Dasie
Charming Trinity
Chi Kong Photography

It’s been fantastic fun to share with you all, see you in the next post!


3 thoughts on “Blogger Awards

  1. Hello there! You are clearly most deserving of all these awards if not only one of us but several have congratulated you with one. Well done, you need not be so modest as your blog is amazing! And thanks for the acknowledgement. x

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