My Love for Earrings

I adore earrings. They are the one form of jewellery that I have always obsessively collected – or at least I did until I started making them as a business eight or nine years ago.

Earrings made in 2011

Earrings made in 2011

Shopping for earrings was once one of my greatest pleasures and my husband always knew what to look for when he was stuck for a present. I have never been too interested in the value of the things that I hung from my ears, gold or found objects are pretty much the same to me. The only strict criterion was that they should be distinctive; that they should not blend into the background of all the other ordinary earrings on the market.
Over the years I had made earrings too, for myself and sometimes for friends. I would use beads or found objects, even feathers; and then, almost a decade ago I hit on a way of using my textile techniques to make earrings that satisfied me. Faced with making earrings myself every week, my love affair with buying earrings faded.
I still wore earrings, of course, but for a while I felt like I had to be a walking advertising hoarding and always wear my own creations. Now I am much more relaxed and regularly enjoy donning my old favourites bought many years ago.
I still love to look at earrings by other craft makers but I rarely buy now. In truth I probably own so many that I could always dig out something that looks fresh without ever getting another new pair. I am not saying that I never will though!

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      • I’ll have to look you up when I’m in Cornwall next…whenever that may be… (although I live in SA, I love the UK and have been visiting since childhood, and have always wanted to go back to Cornwall after we spent a summer there as a family).

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