Indian Doors

I find doors interesting. The door to a home marks a border; a dividing line between outside and inside; between “ours” and “theirs.” Old doors that have seen a lot of history have a character all of their own. They can say a lot about the sort of people who have lived there.
When I was in Rajasthan, India earlier this year I photographed a lot of doors. Here is a selection of them.

This ancient rusting iron door was amazing!

This ancient rusting iron door was amazing!

Detail of the door above
Detail of the door above

The rusting iron door-frame

The rusting iron door-frame

And of course, with a door there is always the possibility of a glimpse inside.

In another post soon I will show you some doors from China.


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    • Most of these photos were taken in a wonderful town that had once been very wealthy but later fell on hard times. Everything about the buildings was very beautiful but with an air of neglect and decay.

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