Moths in the Night

Our house backs onto farmland. When the bathroom window is open and the light is turned on after dark we will often get the odd moth stumbling in. This year, for some reason, there seem to be many more moths and a much wider variety of species – or maybe it’s just that I have started to pay attention to them! Here are photographs of a few that stayed still long enough for me to grab my camera.

Big-Golden-Yellow-MothThe colours, forms and surface qualities of these creatures fascinate me. A few years ago I made a series of brooches and earrings that were regularly referred to as being moth-like, though no direct reference was intended. Perhaps the combination of crisp forms with soft, richly textured surfaces echoes the effects that I aspire to in my work.Dark-Grey-MothSpeckled-White-MothGrey-Brown-MothSmall Yellow MothI’m afraid I haven’t made any effort to identify these beautiful creatures so If someone wants to take a stab at naming them then please go ahead!


8 thoughts on “Moths in the Night

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    • Thank you for noticing my post. I photographed the moths because they were there and looked awesome but your links have given me a whole new perspective on moths as a subject.

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