Art In Action

I spent last weekend at the Art in Action show held in Waterperry Gardens, near Oxford. This annual festival of visual arts has been running since 1977 and is still going strong. Hundreds of artists and craftsmen came together to display their creations, demonstrate their techniques, and discuss their inspirations. Luckily, the weekend was gloriously sunny, the atmosphere was fun and energetic, and I had a really fantastic couple of days.

Out of all the displays, I found the ceramics marquee and the glass marquee to be the most exciting – some works were fun and quirky, and some were incredibly beautiful in form and colour.

Here are some photographs showing just a few of the many interesting things that caught my eye.

Linda Dangoor, ceramics.

Ceramics by Linda Dangoor

Tim Boswell, glass.
Glass works by Tim Boswell

Ali Yanya, ‘Souk,’ watercolour.

"Souk" - Watercolour by Ali Yanya

John Stroomer, ceramics.
Ceramics by John Stroomer

If you get a chance, Waterperry Gardens are also well worth a visit. Established by the formidable Miss Havergal (believed to be the inspiration for Roald Dahl’s Miss Trunchbull), the gardens feature beautiful herbaceous borders and some lovely old trees as well as a gallery, garden centre and café.


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