Colour choices for a textile brooch

A few posts ago, I showed you a photograph of a new brooch I had made. Now I have completed another version of the same brooch in completely different colours and was struck by how different the two pieces look. I thought that people might be interested in seeing the two together.

The first brooch in blue with green and purple

The first brooch I made in blue with green and purple

New version of the brooch in red and gold

New version of the brooch in red and gold with salmon velvet appliqué

With its “cloud” motif, the design felt quite Chinese so this version is executed in overtly “chinese” colours, though I added some salmon velvet appliqué in the end just to give some more variety and richness.

The blue brooch being worn by a model

The blue brooch being worn

I would love to hear any opinions on the design, or preferences between the two colour schemes!


London Museum Favourites

Last weekend, we delivered our daughter Isla (and all her belongings!) to London ready to start a new job and we took the chance to visit some of our favourite museums. I love visiting museums, especially ones that I’m very familiar with, as I always get to revisit objects that are old favourites and always discover some new ones. In a familiar museum you don’t have the pressure to visit every inch on display, but instead can take the time to take in the objects that really catch your eye.

Here are some photographs of favourite things to be found in the Victoria & Albert Museum and the British Museum. Alex and I snapped things that took our eye as we were walking round and spent a lot of time in the Chinese collections, so the mix is a bit idiosyncratic but you’ll hopefully find it interesting!

Detail of the V&A seen from the central courtyard

The V&A building itself, with its eccentric mix of Victorian red brick and classical design, always delights me.

Carved sandstone window grill (V&A)

The South-Asian section of the V&A has some marvellous carved sandstone window screens.

Old English door (V&A)

Regulars will know that I love old doors. Here is an English one in the V&A

Chinese ritual jade blade (V&A)

Alex loves the clean iconic forms and translucent surfaces of ancient Chinese jade ritual blades (V&A)

Patina on ancient Chinese bronze blade (British Museum)

We both love the patina on ancient Chinese bronzes (British Museum)

Detail of bronze ritual object (British Museum)

Alex thinks that some of my work reminds him of the shapes found decorating ancient Chinese bronze vessels? (British Museum)

Detail of ancient Chinese bronze animal (British Museum)

I love this little chap! Chinese bronze (British Museum)

Chinese jade object (British Museum)

Abstract art from 2,000 years ago? Chinese jade object (British Museum)

The experience of visiting the major London museums is changing, as quite a few now offer free wi-fi, allowing you to use your phone or iPod to search for instant information on the objects you are looking at. This advance made our visit much more interesting and accessible, as we looked up everything from indigo to Equus. Visit a museum again soon!

Cows in India

This post includes some of my photos of India’s bovine inhabitants.
When I photograph the Cornish landscape there are usually some cows in the shot (or ponies, or sheep!) but in India, the cows are not simply statues studding the landscape, they are the photograph.
These photos show cows with individual personalities, who would provide plenty of inspiration for a caption competition!

And your tour guide today is.....  (love the sign)

And your tour guide today is….. (love the sign)

Looking rather lonely and desolate

All by myself. Sniff.

Places to go, people to see!

Places to go, people to see!

"Not speaking" - This is the drying yard at the fabric printing workshop we visited

Sulking.  (This is the drying yard at the fabric printing workshop we visited)

This handsome fellow was posing for the tourists like a Bollywood star

This handsome fellow was posing for the tourists like a Bollywood star

Hard at work

Hard at work

And this is not a cow - Thought I would slip in a photo of a camel!

And… this is not a cow – Thought I would slip in a photo of a hoity-toity camel!

New textile jewellery set

I’ve just finished a new set of jewellery, which includes a blue-green brooch and matching earrings. The wing motif was brought to mind by a photo of Isla on the ferry to Orkney, where she looks as though she could be an angel tumbling to earth. The light, luminous colours also draw from the wonderful Orkney light.
I’m now planning to add to the set with a neckpiece, let me know what you think!

New brooch and earrings inspired by wings and Orkney

New brooch and earrings inspired by wings and Orkney

Orkney Ferry Angel

Isla-the-angel tumbling to earth aboard the Orkney ferry

Orkney Skies

For today’s blog post I’m handing over to my daughter, Isla, who has just returned from a trip to Orkney with some wonderful photographs. 

Until this summer, the sum total of my Orkney knowledge was that it was somewhere up north, and that it had something to do with archaeology. Having now spent a week there, I still don’t know as much about the place as I should, but I can’t wait to go back to find out more.

The sky feels huge in Orkney: the hills are bare of trees and the clouds layer high above, allowing you to see for miles. This post is all about the moods of Orkney (though I was lucky enough to miss out on Orkney’s temper), and I’ll be writing another post soon that includes some of the more detailed shots that I took during my stay.

The other thing that makes Orkney special is the people – though I was only there for a very brief time, I was adopted with incredible warmth. Thank you to everyone (I’m looking at you Margaret, Rae, Jim, Lilian, Donald and Stella!), and especially to Bi, my host and friend.

The Island of Hoy is the first sight of Orkney to greet visitors arriving on the ferry. 

Aboard the ferry – dramatic interplay between sun and stormy clouds.

Sunset over the beach –  the light seems almost to render the water solid.

The Standing Stones of Stenness outlined against the sunset.

A shot that made me smile – flammable Orcadian cows. 

Sunset and clouds across a loch.

Sun breaking through the clouds at Kirbuster Farm Museum.

Sunset over the Brough of Birsay, with a cow-parsley sized person. 

Sunset clouds over the Brough.

The sun dipping over the horizon with streaked clouds overhead.

The somber grey of Skaill House against a moody sky.

The Brough of Birsay rising from the mist. 

One Hundred Posts

This is the one hundredth post on Wai-Yuk Kennedy Textile Art!
I find it hard to believe that I have got to here, considering that I thought I was running out of ideas after the first week. Looking back now there are a lot of posts that I am very proud of and I feel I have established a model that I can happily continue.

Very latest textile brooch

Very latest textile brooch

I was not sure how to mark reaching this little landmark but we began discussing the blog within the family and started to come up with our favourite posts.
Undoubtedly, “More Cornish Mornings” has been the most successful post because it was featured in “Freshly Pressed” and received many more views than any others, but quite a few others stand out for me. Here are our family favourites so far:

Wai-Yuk’s favourite post – More Cornish MorningsMorning with cows

Others I like:
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Alex’s favourite post – Elephants of Rajasthan
Elephant 2
Others he likes:
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Isla’s favourite post – Moths in the NightBig-Golden-Yellow-Moth

Others she likes:
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Textile Sculpture Commission: 4D SphereTextile 4D sphere
(She is also quite a fan of  “Hurray!”)

If anyone else has any other particular favourites of their own, I would love to hear what they are!

More Bugs!

Yesterday I went for a walk around the lanes near my home and headed for a spot where the road crosses a stream, a place where I often see dragonflies.
Although this time I had remembered to bring my camera along with me, there were no dragonflies anywhere in sight. I eventually spotted one perched high above in a tree and, putting my camera on maximum zoom, I tried to frame the tiny creature.
I didn’t have much hope that the pictures would be very good, but I was delighted to find the one below – mainly because of the creature’s shadow showing through the leaf.

Dragonfly on leaf with shadow

Dragonfly on leaf with shadow

To go with the dragonfly, here are some of my favourite photographs of various six-legged creatures:

Butterfly on my apple-blossom this spring

Butterfly on my apple-blossom this spring

Another shot of the same butterfly showing the amazing eyes

Another shot of the same butterfly showing the amazing eyes

Bee on my chives

I love the bees buzzing around my chives in spring

Cricket (?) on the Great Wall of China

This cricket (?) was standing on the Great Wall of China

Butterfly near Nikko, Japan

Butterfly near Nikko, Japan


For more bug photos, have a look at this post:
Moths In the Night