One Hundred Posts

This is the one hundredth post on Wai-Yuk Kennedy Textile Art!
I find it hard to believe that I have got to here, considering that I thought I was running out of ideas after the first week. Looking back now there are a lot of posts that I am very proud of and I feel I have established a model that I can happily continue.

Very latest textile brooch

Very latest textile brooch

I was not sure how to mark reaching this little landmark but we began discussing the blog within the family and started to come up with our favourite posts.
Undoubtedly, “More Cornish Mornings” has been the most successful post because it was featured in “Freshly Pressed” and received many more views than any others, but quite a few others stand out for me. Here are our family favourites so far:

Wai-Yuk’s favourite post – More Cornish MorningsMorning with cows

Others I like:
Textile Artwork: On the Silk Road (Part One)
I Love Kimono
Cornwall: Lichen and Moss
Bonsai tree hand-embroidery

Alex’s favourite post – Elephants of Rajasthan
Elephant 2
Others he likes:
Indian Doors
I Love Kimono
Fried Dumplings
Yuanmingyuan Park

Isla’s favourite post – Moths in the NightBig-Golden-Yellow-Moth

Others she likes:
Enter the Dragon
India: Portraits
A recipe – 8 Jewel Chicken
I Love Kimono
Textile Sculpture Commission: 4D SphereTextile 4D sphere
(She is also quite a fan of  “Hurray!”)

If anyone else has any other particular favourites of their own, I would love to hear what they are!


8 thoughts on “One Hundred Posts

  1. I just crossed the 100 post mark myself last week – it is astonishing to realise how much can be documented and shared in a relatively short space of time. I enjoy all of your posts, and am very much looking forward to the next hundreds! X

  2. Congratulations – a great milestone! I agree with Isla re Moths in the Night, and I also loved the post where you told us more about your creative process and also the one about the family behind the blog. And the photos of your local area. Oh look, I’ll just say ALL OF THEM! 🙂

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