Orkney in detail

This is Isla again, I wrote a post a month or so ago about my trip to Orkney, and promised another one was on its way (sorry it took so long!)


The last post took a wider view, but this post is going to zoom in and focus on the details of Orkney. I invariably find that half of the photos that I take are detail shots, which is probably a habit I’ve picked up from my mum – she’s always been one for looking a little closer.

This first set of pictures was taken at Kirbuster Farm Museum, a homestead that has stood for at least four centuries, and that reveals the traditional way of life for farmers on Orkney. The museum is scattered with rusting farm implements, and there are fantastic textures to be found on worn surfaces and old wood.

Fence post

Old Harness

Scrap Metal



Enameled Tin

Old Chair

Old Mirror

This second set of pictures was taken on various beaches along the Birsay coast. I love the colour of the seaweed, the perfect placement of the bleached curl of driftwood, and the knobbly dinosaur tail-club.
The final image is a quick sketch of seaweed drawn with a biro and some colouring pencils, that I used as an image for thank you cards.

Spinach Spaghetti

Bacon on the Rocks

Driftwood Curl

Dinosaur Tail-club

Kelp Drawing

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