A Discworld Cake

Creating a cake based on the late Terry Pratchett’s Discworld has been the latest creative effort from Alex and myself. Greg and Isla, our two children, decided to have a joint birthday party this year, with fancy dress themed on Discworld characters. We took on the challenge of providing a cake to match the theme.

Discworld cake 13

A turtle with four giant elephants on its back supporting the Discworld

Discworld cake 1

Sculpting the cake was the first step

Discworld cake 2

Next a head was added

Discworld cake 3

More cake was cut to make the forelimbs and to represent the elephant bodies

Discworld cake 4

Fondant icing was rolled out and used to cover the pieces

Discworld cake 5

A first check on how the parts will fit together

Discworld cake 7

Eyes were added and the shell pattern was marked out

Discworld cake 8

The turtle was painted using cake decorating colours

Discworld cake 6

Prototype elephant heads

Discworld cake 9

The completed cake

Discworld cake 11

The Discworld

Discworld cake 12

The cake packed up for transport to Southampton for the party

Discworld cake 10

The demolition of the cake begins