Another project: Indigo dyeing

In 2008, Sarah Montague and I ran an indigo dyeing club after school. The kids really enjoyed it – they couldn’t wait to untie their fabrics after dyeing!

At Christmas, we had an exhibition in a lovely gallery in Torrington, called The Plough. By selling our work at The Plough and at school, we were able to raise over £500 for a charity chosen by the children.

I can’t upload any photos of the kids¬†without parental permission, but here are some photos of the techniques we used, and the finished creations.


A little project: Monsters

I made these dolls as samples for a Year 9 project at the school I work in. The main aim was to create a fun project based on the ‘Uglydoll’ craze, which would encourage the kids to use their imaginations and give them a chance to learn lots of different textile techniques.

(I had fun too).