Alex and I retired from our part-time jobs in a local school last Friday. I am really going to miss working with young people!

The generous staff in the department sent us home with bunches of beautiful flowers and lots of gardening vouchers that will ensure we stay busy.

Flowers 5

Flowers 4

Flowers 3

Flowers 2

Flowers 1

We plan to fit in some more travelling over the next few years, while we are still fit enough to do so.

Don’t worry, I have no plans to give up my textile work just yet!


An Ocean of Foxgloves

I went for a walk in the local forest a few weeks ago and came across this glorious patch of purple. This area had been cleared last year, and the foxgloves seem to have wasted no time in colonising!

Foxglove 5Unfortunately, there was no way to get a better view (though I did consider sending Alex up a tree), but hopefully these photos will convey some of the drama.

Foxglove 6

Solitary Pale Bloom

A lone spire of white amongst the purple. 

Foxglove 3

Digitalis purpurea (Common Foxglove)

Foxglove 4

Wilsey Down Forest

Foxglove 2

Clearing in the conifers

Back to Eden

Thanks to the beautiful weather we’ve been enjoying, we’ve taken full advantage of our Eden Project Local Passes. I always spot something new and unexpected, which makes the visits fantastic for firing up my imagination and creativity.
I thought I’d share some of my photos for those of you who are a bit further afield – I hope you enjoy!

Eden Project PlantEden Project Plant Eden Project Plant Eden Project Plant Eden Project Plant Eden Project Plant Eden Project Plant Eden Project Plant Eden Project Plant Eden Project Plant Eden Project PlantEden Project PlantFor more Eden photos, have a look at these posts (back when the weather wasn’t quite so good!):
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Spring Flowers

Spring is my favourite time of year, I love watching the green of my garden blossom into a riot of colour (and sometimes a riot of weeds). Today I thought I would share some shots of the flowers and plants that are currently brightening up my garden.