About Me

My name is Wai-Yuk (pronounced sort of “why-yook”). I grew up in Hong Kong but now live in North Cornwall with my wonderful husband, where we’ve been for the last twenty-or-so years. We have two beautiful, grown-up children who occasionally come home to demand food and attention.

I have always been in love with creating crafts and art work. I studied Fine Art at art college, and have worked on many projects including embroidery, doll making, soft furnishings, dress making, painting, printing and ceramics. I’ve worked as a cook, a graphic designer, a glove designer, and have taught crafts to children and to adults. I now get to spend most of my time on my greatest love: creating intricate textile artwork.

My work tends to draw inspiration from the many places I’ve visited: the plants and rivers of Hong Kong, the rugged shapes and textures of North Cornwall, and the patterns and prints of India. I carry my camera with me everywhere so I can snap shots of the tiny wonders that catch my eye through the day.

I hope that my posts give you something to smile about, and that they set your fingers itching to have a go too!


29 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi! Thanks for liking my post 🙂
    …and I see you live in Cornwall. My brother and sister-in-law live in Truro and she runs ‘Truro Pilates’ .You may even know her!
    thanks again x

  2. Hi Wai-Yuk, because I truly love reading your blog and checking out your inspiring pictures, I’ve nominated you for the Lovely Blog Award. Check out my blog for more information!

  3. So glad you commented on one of my posts as now I have another inspirational blog to follow, your work is amazing and the last post you did on doorways really spoke to me, was begining to think I was on my own having a fascination with old doors and doorways.

  4. Hi Wai-Yuk, just to let you know that I am about to nominate you for ‘One Lovely Blog Award’ – congrats! The nominations and guidelines for the award will appear on my next post…

  5. Hi. Your post on craft in India is wonderful. I was wondering if I could use the photos on your post for a small presentation on printing in India? I would credit you on each slide, of course. Radha

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