Back after a break!

Hello everyone, it’s been quite a while since I’ve posted but I’m looking forward to blogging more frequently from now on.

Since I last posted, I’ve been enjoying retirement – lots more time for creativity, gardening, friends and family!

My daughter, Isla, has been dealing with a difficult health condition and has started her own blog where she talks about her experiences and posts her own artwork, you can find her at Medically Unexplained.

I spent a week staying with my son a few weeks back, and visited Hillier Gardens in Hampshire. The seasonal planting displays are stunning and I’m feeling very inspired by all the colours and patterns.


Isla’s Birthday Cake


I have not got around to posting anything for a while but I thought I should share a photo of the cake my husband Alex decorated for our daughter’s birthday last month. She planned to have friends old and new come to her flat for tea and cakes.

When I mentioned making a cake, Isla said that her real favourite was gingerbread so I made an iced gingerbread cake for her.

Then Alex got in on the act. Isla is a great Studio Ghibli fan and has some Totoro cushions. So Alex painted the cake with an image based on the film “My Neighbour Totoro”.

The cake was a surprise and went down well with all her friends. So much so that it very quickly disappeared!



A few nights ago I watched a wonderful documentary on Hokusai. Since then I have been working on pieces inspired by Mount Fuji, not only the Fuji from Hokusai’s prints but my own memories of the mountain from when we visited there a couple of years ago.

Here are a couple of brooches with a Mount Fuji inspiration.

FujiFuji 2

Devon Guild

Last week I delivered a new batch of work to The Devon Guild of Craftsmen gallery in Bovey Tracey, South Devon. I have been a member of the Guild for many years and always have work on sale there. Through June I will be a featured artist in the Guild shop and my work will be on offer at 10% off. I will be doing a day of demonstrations on my work there on June 24th.

Here are a few of the new pieces featured this month.


If anyone can make it to Riverside Mill in Bovey Tracey on June 24th I would love to meet you and give an insight into how I make my work.


Alex and I retired from our part-time jobs in a local school last Friday. I am really going to miss working with young people!

The generous staff in the department sent us home with bunches of beautiful flowers and lots of gardening vouchers that will ensure we stay busy.

Flowers 5

Flowers 4

Flowers 3

Flowers 2

Flowers 1

We plan to fit in some more travelling over the next few years, while we are still fit enough to do so.

Don’t worry, I have no plans to give up my textile work just yet!

Widemouth Bay

Today has been wet and miserable in this bit of the world but last week we had some days of brilliant sunshine. Last Wednesday I had a really good day working on my textile jewellery. I finished a new necklace that I was pleased with so Alex and I decided that a trip to the beach to enjoy the sunset was overdue.


A new textile necklace


When we arrived the at Widemouth Bay the light was stunning. The reflection of the brilliant blue sky on the the breaking waves made them appear almost fluorescent.



Widemouth Bay near Bude in North Cornwall


Near the beach, the air was laden with spray that glowed in the evening light


A big wave crashing into the headland


I always enjoy the little details as well as the broad seascape


Light effects change very rapidly as the sun sinks down


Another shot of the amazing glow in the spray lit by the setting sun




The glowing sky reflected in the wet sand


Just as the sun dipped under the horizon

Christmas meal with friends

Here are some photographs of a meal I recently hosted for a few of my friends. I normally do a post connected with my Christmas meal or cakes but this year I will be away for the holiday season, so this is serving as a substitute.


My Xmas bread with tomato

I regularly have a few friends round on a Friday evening for some wine a chat and perhaps a few nibbles. For Christmas I decided to do something a little fancier with a variety of tasty dishes.


Adding some finishing touches


Just a few dishes to go!


Barbecue chicken with Chinese spice marinade


Sliced steak with asparagus and roast pepper


Deep-fried chicken balls with apricot, shallot and sesame seeds, served with mushroom and pepper


Pan-fried lamb with plum stuffing


The meal also featured smoked salmon with herb cheese bites and Shanghai dumplings


Ready to start eating!

In addition to the food, wine and chatter, we also spent our time doing some felting.

Sorry about the image quality – just quick pics on a phone!