Home Sweet Home

In the early days I used to do most of my craft work at the kitchen table, sweeping everything to one side at meal times, and frequently having to pick up bits that had been knocked to the floor by the kids.

A few years back my husband, Alex, set about converting our dusty old junk room into a studio. Not only is the room beautifully lit and decorated, but I can now scatter my various tools and materials around without worrying that they’ll get in the way, or disappear down the back of a chair.

My studio contains numerous past creations, inspirational books for the imagination (from Monet to martial arts), cupboards full of fabric, racks of thread, and drawers of ribbons and beads. The level of tidiness fluctuates, depending on how much time I have on my hands, and whether my daughter has arrived home needing somewhere to dump her boxes…

Boomerangs, chickens, bowls, feathers and fans.

The business end.

Alex and me


11 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home

  1. Hi
    What a great new blog! The image in your title banner is truly magical and reminds me of Spring and Imperial silk weaving.
    Looking forward to future posts and congratulations on achieving ‘A Room of One’s Own’..

    • Thanks for such a lovely comment! That brooch is one of my favourites too, I love the clean Spring colours. I’m glad you’re enjoying the blog – I’m looking forward to writing more posts!

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  3. What a lovely studio, I am very envious. Are you in North Cornwall, England? My Dad’s ancestors are all from Looe and I am a Somerset lad, now living in Vancouver, Canada. Thank you for all of your visits to art rat cafe and I look forward to exploring your site…

    • Yes- living in the beautiful countryside between Launceston and Bude. Vancouver is also such a beautiful city, and the mountains are so close! The art rat cafe is wonderful, I love the range of styles and colours that you use in your art 🙂

  4. Hi, your studio is truely fabulous. I rarely have time to be so creative so “pass on” inspirAtional fabrics to crafters, artists, textile designers etc.
    keep on blogging!

  5. Beautiful studio… very open and airy. We share a common interest in fibers and fabrics and I could relate to your stories of working on the kitchen table. Me, too, and it’s so nice to have a place to work now where I don’t have to put things away… can leave it out and walk away as I need to.

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