Elephants of Rajasthan

Over Easter, I visited a fantastic exhibition of Howard Hodgkin’s Indian Miniatures at the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford. This fabulous show included many works by the court painters of Rajasthan, including some lovely paintings of elephants. I actually visited Rajasthan while I was in India this year, and saw images of elephants everywhere. Though the photos I took of elephants aren’t all great works of art, they’re still good fun.

"Elephants Fighting"

“Elephants Fighting” detail. Collection Howard Hodgkin


6 thoughts on “Elephants of Rajasthan

    • It is a shame. The show was great. There is a nice catalogue but it is no substitute for seeing the real works. I have always associated Indian Minatures with beautiful jewel-like colour but in this show it was the monochrome sketches that stood out.

  1. I’ve really enjoyed spending time with your work – I am so impressed by your skill, colour and design sense and brilliant creativity – am a Follower as of now…

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